The Plasma Accelerator

Helion's plasma accelerator raises fusion fuel to 100 million degrees Celsius and directly extracts electricity with a high-efficiency pulsed approach.


Deuterium and helium-3 fuel is heated to plasma conditions. Magnets confine this plasma in a Field Reversed Configuration (FRC).


Magnets accelerate two FRCs to 1 million mph from opposite ends of the 40-foot accelerator. They collide in the center.


When the FRCs collide in the center of the system, they are further compressed by a powerful magnetic field until they reach fusion temperatures of 100 million degrees Celsius.


At this temperature, the deuterium and helium-3 ions are moving fast enough to overcome the forces that would otherwise keep them apart and they fuse. This releases more energy than is consumed by the fusion process. As new fusion energy is created, the plasma expands.

Electricity Recapture

As the plasma expands, it pushes back on the magnetic field. By Faraday's law, the change in field induces current, which is directly recaptured as electricity. This clean fusion electricity is used to power homes and communities, efficiently and affordably.

Our Accomplishments

Reached fusion-relevant plasma conditions of 9+ keV Ions (100 M°C)

Demonstrated energy recovery with 95% efficiency

Exhibited compression fields greater than 10 Tesla

Sustained plasmas with lifetimes greater than 1 ms

Developed a complete self-supplied helium-3 fuel cycle

Powering the future

Helion's plasma accelerator has confirmed what we've always known is possible - fusion will be the ultimate source of zero-carbon electricity in the near future.

Harvesting helium-3

Our plasma accelerator produces helium-3, a rare helium isotope that is used in quantum computing and critical medical imaging. We also use it alongside deuterium as fuel for clean fusion electricity.